Virtual reality is amazing!

reviewed Octane Raceway on March 4th, 2018
Rating: 5
I went to try out Virtual Reality with my son. I am 49 years old and he is 13. We tried the zombie game first with just the two of us and the robot attack with two other people. Warning: I tried not to provide "spoilers" but I may be giving away more than you want to know: We thought the robot attack was a better starting game,for beginners. This is because the robots are not quite as "in your face" or overwhelming. Also, it was much better to play with two other people. In the zombie game we were split up early so had to defend front and back. I seriously thought I might have a heart attack! With four people we would have had two on each elevator bank. This would allow a front and back on both sides so you aren't spinning, constantly defending your flank. Plus you stick with the person you signed up with. Suggestion: Try the various weapon types early (or assign them to someone). Some weapons work with some enemies and some don't. Prepare to sweat a little. No, you aren't running, but you twist and turn a lot. You can't wear glasses, but it's ok if you don't need them for screens. The headsets are bulky, but comfortable once you get used to it. The backpacks are pretty expensive ($5K?) so you want to be careful. This is a blast, far better than any of the other VR we have tried.
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