Three Team Building Activities | Octane Raceway | High Speed Go Kart Racing in Scottsdale Arizona

Looking for the Best Team Building Location in the Valley? 

Team building events can be used by any organization, large or small, to stimulate cooperation and communication in the workplace. These two attributes, along with collaboration, are key influences connected with a company’s success.

There are many types of team building activities, but for this blog we are going to focus on the three main ones. The idea is to perform various team oriented tasks that are both fun and interesting. We want to build your organizations teamwork and improve employee performance and productivity. Octane Raceway located in Scottsdale has a number of group activities that can help you accomplish your corporate event objectives!

Get to Know Your Team

Employees can gain a better understanding of themselves by getting to know the people around them. Octane has a number of activities and areas that promote social interaction. Our Arcade Olympics, Mini-Bowling and RC Kart Challenge are events that build comradery.


The way an organization communicates can determine the difference between success and failure. Conveying information quickly and politely builds a team’s enthusiasm and efficiency. While great communication can be difficult to measure, its effects can be seen in employee performance and in a department’s success.

Octane Raceway’s Pit Crew Challenge is the perfect mix of communication and excitement. Teams are timed as they simulate a stock car race pit. In other words, jack up our Phoenix Raceway car, change the tires, tighten the lugnuts and be the fastest team to accomplish this in your company.

Common Goals and Celebrate Success

The purpose of assembling a great team is to bring together individuals that have a specific skill set and a common goal. Octane Raceway was founded on Karting. Our 1/3 mile track is one of the best in the country. While racing is an individual event, how a team celebrates that individual success matters. Acknowledging team triumphs and the success of individuals can change the dynamic in your company.

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