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Go Karts
With a fleet of 32 electric Sodi RTX racing karts from Europe, Octane Raceway assures you that you will always have the best performance vehicle indoor karting has to offer. The most advanced indoor Go-kart in the world, the Sodi RTX boasts an innovative and unique design with major technological advances, including:

  • Center mounted motor for superior balance, handling and acceleration.
  • 10,000 RPM for maximum torque and a top speed of 45 MPH.
  • Powerful ENGEC engine.
  • Optimized light weight chassis.
  • Disc brake system with LED brake lights.
  • Dynamic seat, pedal & steering wheel adjustment.
  • Zero emissions.

The indoor/outdoor Go kart track at Octane Raceway is 1/3 mile long, the track layout is carefully designed with the driver in mind to offer different challenges and deliver the ultimate racing experience. Beginner and experienced racers alike battle for position through the switchbacks, using the straightaways to gain speed and edge in front of their competition. Stop by Thursdays to race the track backwards!

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