Bill Gladwell Perfroming | Octane Raceway | High Speed Go Kart Racing in Scottsdale Arizona

Bill Gladwell will read your mind… Just Kidding.
However, Bill Gladwell can and will read your thoughts.

Bill regularly amazes audiences across the country with his live stage show. He provides an entertainment experience that will exceed your expectations and blow your mind. During his 75-minute performance, Bill will seemingly pull thoughts directly from your mind and predict what you’re about to say, before you can say it. He can read you like a book.

93% of communication is body language and the way you express yourself. This means that what you’re communication isn’t coming out of your mouth, but rather through other forms of interaction. Bill has spent the last two decades mastering the art of reading these cues and therefore, he knows what you are feeling and thinking… sometimes even before you do.

In short, Bill uses the information from your nonverbal communication to give the appearance of true psychic ability. When combined with psychology, suggestion, directed awareness, humor, and showmanship; you get a performance that will be talked about for days and remembered for a lifetime.

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